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Allows you to add an attendee to your device contacts directly from the app

Schedule alerts to be sent at specific times

Send alerts to your attendees with things like 'room change' or 'dinner is at 7'

List out different amenities like hotel or local restaurants, event map to their address from inside the app

Get greater in-sight into your event with in-app analytics showing every aspect of your event from number of times a session has been viewed down to the length of time an attendee spend in a specific session or page.

Attendee Groups allow you to group attendees by as many groups as you would like, allowing you to create groups like staff or admin. This gives amazing flexibility in you event app, attendees can even add themselves to groups via the app for greater interaction.

Allow your attendees to edit their profiles right inside the app!

Allow agendas to sync between your different devices

List out your attendees in the app, displaying they social information and bios

Allows attendees to add sessions to their own agenda

Allows attendees to add agenda items to their device calendar

Manage every aspect of your event with our content management system

Allow your home screen to be customized with a custom background of your choosing

Allow for complete branding by uploading your own custom logo for the app

Allows you to change the header and footer colors of the app top and bottom banners

Using section sets can link to any sections directly, things like key-note

Display all your exhibitors and their social media and bio's

Have a message board / forum in your app for user interactions, additonally every sessions has its own forum for unique sessions specific talks

Upload files to use as a direct mapping or as part of an alert

Have free form items to list out welcome messages or wifi passwords

With game code and phrases you attendees can get points by scanning, entering a code or phrase as well as on view points for visiting sessions, exhibitors, sponsors

Setup an in-app game, complete with a leader-board, point categories and much more!

With group chat built in to all sessions, exhibitors, and sponsor pages attendees can directly interact with other attendees, speakers or exhibitors and sponsors

Allows you to add pagination to the home screen by configuring how many icons should show on a specific page, even configurable between tablet and phone

Allows your attendees to start a chat with other attendees' in-app

With built in lead retrival sponsor and exhibitors can scan attendee badges or attendees can request information directly from the sponsor or exhibitors page.

With live stream integration you can embed web enabled live-stream links into any sessions, exhibitor, and sponsor page. Allowing attendees the ability to view session streams or sponsor and exhibitor videos

Map a room or sponsor / exhibitor booth directly in the app, helping people fid exactly where a sessions is or booth is located

Upload image maps of your event that will even work offline

Tie sessions to multiple tracks directly from the sessions management section

Allow your attendees to take notes on sessions, sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers and export to email

Once in the app, allow for offline browsing of the app regardless of network connection

Give attendees personalized 'attendee only' messages that only they can see

Allow attendees to share photos with other attendees at the event

When using Card allow attendees to ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on a photo

Allows you to choose between Gallery, Grid, or Card display types

Preset an attendee’s agenda by setting what sessions they should see from the CMS

QR Code integration for scanning qr codes at your event

QR share to allow attendees to share information with vendors and sponsors

With ratings, you can add ratings to attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, sessions, and speakers. Ratings can even be configured for only specific groups, or visibility options

Lock your event down to require registration in app or allow for only those already in the system to register

Have your app be auto login or password protected, event lock down sections based on attendee validation

Create your home screen from over 200 different icons

With session check-ins you can see what attendees have checked in to a session

Display out all your sessions, display as an alpha list or by day

Allow speakers to create their own profile directly in the app, saving your time and money

All sessions a speaker is speaking at will be listed under their bio for easy navigation

List out all your speakers, this will also display the sessions they will be speaking at.

Allows you add a sponsor banner, choosing to have it go to a website or their detail page

Create sponsor types like ‘Gold, silver, bronze’ and assign them to your sponsors

Give sponsors priority in a group by weighting their display order

List out your sponsors in the app displaying bios and social media

Attach files directly to a session as a supporting document (Fliers, brochures etc.)

Allows for custom surveys to be built and used for sessions or stand-alone buttons to help gather information from your users

Create an even more branded / unique event app by uploading your own images as icons

Break your event out into different tracks like 'Business, marketing'

Integrate directly with your twitter or hashtag, storing it directly on the device

Send custom push notifications to your attendees right from the back-end of the ConBop system

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Virtual platform

Real-time engagement with virtual sessions and exhibit hall.

Interactive features keep your attendees engaged; Session group chat, speaker driven live polling, lead retrieval.


Create a unique and engaging event experience with ease. Let your brand come to life with our fully customizable event platform.

Analytics and metrics

Make data driven decisions with insightful matrix

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